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Business Background

image_02Luscious Lids was created from the heart in 2002 and is dedicated to my sister Chantal who sadly went through the traumatic experience of losing her hair due to various chemotherapy treatments. During that time she found that her wigs weren’t comfortable, often being unsuitable to wear and she was desperate to find some alternative head coverings. As she was highly fashionable and always colour coordinated from head to toe she found it very stressful and virtually impossible to locate headwear that could reflect her style and personality. Being a professional dressmaker I knew that with a little imagination and the right fabrics I could help to restore her confidence and make it possible to help her to feel good about herself when her self esteem was abandoning her. As a result of my dressmaking skills and fabric knowledge I was able to make several items of headwear for her which complimented her favourite outfits. The psychological results were amazing! It was as if I had given her a new lease of life. Almost immediately she was back to her old self, in better spirits and was once again putting on her makeup and jewellery and ready to go out and face the world. She knew that wearing headwear that matched her clothing and was a completely coordinated outfit that people would speak to her without focusing in on her head and not notice her hair loss. It made her feel confident and normal again. I knew that if I could have such a positive response from my sister then I could achieve the same reaction from other ladies in similar challenging situations.

From a few colourful headwear items, many compliments, a lot of research and a telephone conversation with the lovely Macmillan Cancer Support Centre manageress in Portsmouth the concept of Luscious Lids was born. As the business has developed and expanded we have numerous product and information displays located in hospitals, support and counselling centres in Hampshire with brochures being displayed in treatment and information units throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. We also supply our headwear to various hospitals, hospices and volunteer services in the United Kingdom.

Sheila Wilson